About the book

Are you struggling with Bad Credit and find yourself at the mercy of high-interest rates and the embarrassment of being denied your purchase? This book is designed to help you gain control over your less than perfect credit and start the journey towards Credit Freedom. We included strategies you need to get your credit on track to buy the home of your dreams or any other major purchases. It's time to "Fix Your Credit and Transform Your Life Today as Fixing Credit has Never Been so Easy!


About the author

Oliver Adams, MBA is a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant committed to helping people with less than perfect credit position themselves to purchase real estate as a means of wealth building. He is a REALTOR/Broker Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. He is the founder and CEO of Buyers Credit Coach, Inc, and is also rated A+ with the Metro Atlanta GA, Better Business Bureau as a Credit and Debt counselor for over 15 years. He has served at almost every level in the real estate community from local board president, state director, state level chair and countless other groups. Oliver understands, that if people are denied access to housing because of less than perfect credit scores, then neighborhoods will suffer in the long run! Service to his community is his purpose and this book is one of many he wrote to help people navigate the credit maze. Fix Your Credit Transform Your Life is a book that everyone should read in share!


What you will learn ...

  • What is Credit and how is it Used?

  • Credit Self Improvement Strategies.

  • FICO Score vs. Vantage Scoring Systems.

  • Understanding the Home Buying Process.

  • Tips for Building Your Credit Future.

  • How to Challenge and Fix your Own Credit for Free!

  • How to Spot Scams and ID Theft before it happens.


This is for anyone navigating credit issues

I purchased several copies of this book for my young adult children & their friends! This book is filled with useful information for not only young people with questions no longer taught in school regarding finances, but for us older people also just trying to make sense of our credit scores and best paths to our secure future! Its a great reference and I would HIGHLY recommend for anyone navigating credit issues or just questions!

Shannen K
Locust Grove, GA

Book is a Great Learning Tool!

Book is a great learning tool to success in improving your credit. But also helps you understand how to make life better in many areas.


Keith M.
McDonough, GA

This book will help you understand the Credit Process

Great information provided in this book. If trying to understand the credit process this book is a must read.

Michelle P.
Atlanta, GA

Simple to read and provides strategies

The internet is full of books but this book gave me the edge I needed to get through my credit challenges.   It is simple to read and provides strategies to increase your score!

Frances C.
Philadelphia, PA

This book make me a believer of DIY Credit Improvement

This book made me a believer that DIY credit improvement is the way to go.  I wouldn’t do it no other way and this book helped me tremendously!

Monty R.
Hoober, AL

Read this book if you finally want to understand how to repair your credit!

Highly recommend this book if you finally want to understand how to repair your credit, once and for all. This book is full of practical tips that you can start today.  A must read for those looking to take control of their credit and financial life in general.

Aja A.
Chicago, IL

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